Editing FAQ

Q: Is my submission a "candy"?
A: In order to be considered a candy on this website, the cabinet MUST

1) be intended for generic arcade gaming purposes
2) originate from an East Asian country

AND at least one of the following should be true:

1) Cabinet is a sitdown
2) Cabinet is made primarily of plastic or metal

if not, the following must be true:
1) Cabinet shares a model series with a candy cabinet (ie: Aero Table, Super Megalo, etc.)

If your submission seems to violate these guidelines, feel free to contact me so we can decide on any revisions of the above rules.

Q: How do I upload pictures?
A: FTP is no longer necessary to upload pictures. Use the edit link on each candy entry to find the upload utility.

Q: I have no idea how this stuff works. Can I just send in a writeup?
A: No problem. Just use the contact form to send it over.

Q: Can I submit a writeup of something related to a candy?
A: Absolutely. Feel free to submit monitor writeups, reviews, button comparisons, etc. All we ask is that it bears relevance to candy cabinets.

Q: How do I make links to other content?
A: Use {curly braces}. If the content doesn't currently exist, a question mark will be placed to the right side of the link, offering you or someone else a chance to create the content.