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Neo 25

AKA: Neo25
Related Models: Neo 19, Neo 29, Neo 50
Type: Sitdown Country: Japan
Company: SNK Year: 1994
Dimensions: 630 x 850 x 1368 (???? with marquee) mm
Weight: 89 kg
Wiring Default: MVS
Current: 100VAC Power: 120 W
Monitor: 25 in, 15/24 kHz
Rotatable: Yes (no rotate mechanism)
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I was able to get one of these not too long ago, and I was pleasantly surprised with it. It is wired for MVS, so if you are using JAMMA boards in it, you will need an adapter. It does not have a volume control inside, as you have to control the volume on the PCB. I primarily use this machine for MVS, but it does have the ability to be rotated, although it is not very easy to do and I do not recommend it. The inside of the cabinet is very spacious, and you can easily fit larger boards in there; I have a 4 slot installed and it fits with room to spare. If you are into Neo Geo, this is the cabinet for you- the cabinet is sturdy, yet compact, easy to move, and the MVS stereo sounds wonderful. Finding these beasts are difficult, but well worth it for a cabinet with a lot of potential.
Reviewer: RadiantsvgunEdit

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