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AKA: Windy I, Uindi
Related Models: Windy II
Type: Sitdown Country: Japan
Company: Konami Year: 1996
Dimensions: 750 x 905 x 1339 (1699 with marquee) mm
Weight: 105 kg
Wiring Default: JAMMA
Current: 100VAC Power: 125W +5V 5A, +12V 1A, -5V 0.5A
Monitor: Toshiba PB-6643, 29 in, 15/24 kHz
Rotatable: Yes (no rotate mechanism)
Downloads: Flyer   Specs   Windy-Manual  
Artwork: Windy-Panel  
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The Konami Windy is considered the de-facto cabinet for shoot em'ups, for good reason. It features a slightly smaller profile than the usual 29" cabinet an a crisp, bright Toshiba tube and chassis. The cabinet itself is made of thick ABS plastic, so although it is less flimsy than metal candies, it is also more susceptible to deep scratches.

Another good feature on the Windy is the standardized control panel. Any Sega-style panel such as the ones from an Astro City, Blast City, Impress, etc. In addition, the cabinet has ample room for games and the PSU allows front door access to the usual service switches including degaussing.

The most unfortunate feature of the Windy is an absence of a monitor frame, making it extremely susceptible to tube damage and therefore risky to rotate. I highly recommend all Windy owners get a friend to help rotate their monitors, as getting a replacement monitor would be quite expensive. In addition, because of the plastic inner surround inside the cabinet, it is unlikely you will be able to fit a replacement tube into the cabinet without physical modifications to the cabinet.
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Owner Registry: Brian F. Haag,Richy13,Japhei



Credits and Sources: oxtsu

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