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Naomi Universal

AKA: Naomi Uni
Related Models: Net City, New Net City, Naomi Deluxe Universal
Type: Sitdown/Upright Country: Japan
Company: Sega Year: 1999
Dimensions: 760 x 980 x 1750 mm
Weight: 117 kg
Wiring Default: JVS
Current: 100VAC Power:
Monitor: 29 in, 31 kHz
Rotatable: Yes (no rotate mechanism)
Downloads: NaomiUniversal-Manual  


The NAOMI Universal Cabinet was released in 1998 for use exclusively with NAOMI games. Supporting 31 KHz resolution, fewer of these cabinets appeared on the market in Japan than other Sega generic cabinets (the number released overseas was considerably higher). Three different varieties of control panel heights were prepared. Within Japan the machine was not exclusively a generic cabinet, being used as the base for Crazy Taxi, Typing of the Dead and other dedicated games. The cabinet also supported Visual Memory for data transfer between home and game center systems. PCBs were stored in the lower part of the cabinet. Consisting only of the bare essentials, the cabinet looks lighter than previous cabinets, yet its weight actually increased to 118 kg.

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Owner Registry: Japhei

Links: http://sega-mechatro.com/products-mt/1999/03/naomi_cabisdur.html


Credits and Sources: Eickhorst, Enterbrain

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