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OK Baby

AKA: O.K. Baby, Okay Baby
Related Models: OK-S OK-L
Type: Sitdown Country: Taiwan
Company: WeChe (Wee-Chin) Year: 199x
Dimensions: 730 x 960 x 1460 mm (1740 mm with marquee)
Weight: 100 kg (110 kg with Base)
Wiring Default: JAMMA
Current: 110VAC Power:
Monitor: 28in or 29 in (Pentranic or Orion brands), 15/24 or 15 or 24kHz
Rotatable: Yes (no rotate mechanism)
Downloads: Flyer   OKBaby-Manual   Specs  


Taiwanese clone or knockoff (with slight variations so as not to infringe on trademark) of the Jaleco Pony Mark IV. Comparison of the two machines shows differences in CP shape speaker shape coin door size logo header shape and size and also a differently moulded top to the machines. Available with a screw on base that base adds 215mm to the height allowing for stand up play.

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Owner Registry: Micheal Caine from The Italian Job owns one....



Credits and Sources: yosai, oxtsu

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