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Super Megalo 2

AKA: Super Megalo II
Related Models: Megalo 410, Super Megalo
Type: Sitdown Country: Japan
Company: Sega Year: 1994
Dimensions: ??? x ??? x ???? (???? with marquee) mm
Weight: ??? kg
Wiring Default: JAMMA
Current: 100VAC Power:
Monitor: 50 in, 24 kHz(scan converter converts 15 kHz to 24)
Rotatable: No
Downloads: Flyer   Flyer2   Flyer3   Flyer4   SuperMegalo2-Manual  
Profile - Front - Left - Right - Back - Top - Bottom - Panel - Inside - Monitor - Wild - More...


In 1993, a dedicated cabinet called the Super Megalo 50 was released to play Virtua Fighter. After that, the cabinet was adapted for general use, and relabelled the Super Megalo 2, supporting 15 KHz resolution. Now supporting games with 15 and 24 KHz resolutions, it was possible to load two games and switch between them easily. In addition to the monitor, the sound system's internal woofer was improved.

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Owner Registry: Synta[x_X] (Eugene Pearson) Australia syntax168@iprimus.com.au.

Links: http://sega-mechatro.com/products-mt/1994/06/super_megalo2_1.html


Credits and Sources: Eickhorst, Enterbrain

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