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T-13 Table

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Type: Cocktail Country: Japan
Company: Sega Year: 1983
Dimensions: 720 (W) x 866 (L) x 610-670 (H) mm
Weight: 58-59 kg
Wiring Default: Sega System 8 or JAMMA
Current: 100V or 120VAC Power: 85W
Monitor: Nanao 18in
Rotatable: Yes
Profile - Front - Left - Right - Back - Top - Bottom - Panel - Inside - Monitor - Wild - More...


The first appearance of a table type cabinet, according to Sega price lists, was 1978's Seesaw Jump. With the explosion of Invader games in those days with games everywhere and not only in game centers the table type became the standard in places like cafes. From then on Sega progressed the numbering of their dedicated table-type cabinets as T3, T4, T5, etc. In 1983, the generic table-type cabinet T-13 was released, at the same time as Star Jacker. The cabinet's main selling points were its lightweight steel body (at 59 kg), the edges' functional and sharp design, the unique steel cabinet, and its crisp sound. Other than the cabinet's standard silver color, it was also offered in black and other colors.

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Credits and Sources: oxtsu, Eickhorst, Enterbrain

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