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Vewlix F

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Type: Sitdown Country: Japan
Company: Taito Year: 2007
Dimensions: 800 x 800 x 1575 mm (including topper 1890mm)
Weight: 125 kg
Wiring Default: JVS
Current: 100VAC (50/60Hz) Power: 290W
Monitor: 32in LCD, 1080p
Rotatable: Yes (no rotate mechanism)
Downloads: Flyer   Flyer2   Flyer3   Poster   TaitoVewlixFManual  
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In 2007 Taito introduced the Vewlix L and F models. This was a follow up on the release of the Taito Type X system to optimally use all of the options on this hardware. Traditionally up to now all arcade machines and candy cabs had a 4:3 ratio but with the Vewlix and Taito Type X system game with a 16:9 ratio were now also possible including HD resolution.

The Vewlix model L is the starter Vewlix while the F model is the premium model with additional features such as:

-Converter to JAMMA standard (I / O Board)

-Backlighting of the panel instructions
-Backlight marquee
-Power button on the front and back (while with the model L the button is inside)
-Extended power cord to 3 meters (instead of 2 meters for the model L)
-Sanwa T32H075 (KA) LCD screen for maximum 1080p resolution (compared to 720p for the model L)

Also the color of the model F and model L are different. Where the model F is black with red and white accents the model L has more dark blue accents and less white.

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